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Zenmaster ZMTSR 6.5 Scissors

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Zenmaster ZMTSR6.5 Scissors

If you're passionate about the art of cutting and seek a versatile scissor that transcends basic hairdressing, the VIPER is your perfect companion!

The VIPER effortlessly handles even the most challenging hair types and busiest salon days. Crafted from VG10 plus Titanium, this scissor is exceptionally robust, maintaining a razor-sharp edge for years to come.

Its blades strike a balance between strength and finesse, capable of handling coarse and fine hair with precision. The pointed design allows for intricate detailing work, offering impeccable results.

The inner blade accommodates curved cutting and balances the upper blade for creating precise, straight lines without hair resistance.

Please note that left-handed scissors are available in 6", while right-handed scissors come in 5.5", 6", and 6.5".

The VIPER is suitable for wet cuts, dry cuts, slicing, chipping, point cutting, and scissor-over-comb techniques. It's the ultimate all-rounder for elevating your hairstyling endeavors.