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Explore the range of amazing discounts on our professional hair and beauty products. Choose from hair styling products, hair treatment products, shaving creams and gels, lip balms, deodorant and other body care products.

Professional hair care

Choose the right professional hair care, it’s a key step to maintaining your healthy hair. Taking care of your hair with professional hair care products will help you achieve that shiny salon finish look. As a bonus, professional products contain higher concentrations of the main ingredients, meaning you only need a tiny bit to do its magic and as a result, the product will last longer.

Listed products are in limited stock and will only be available while stock lasts. Don't miss out on great discounts on wide range of products!

  • layrite-superhold-pomade.jpg

    Layrite Superhold Pomade

    from $7.00

    FOR HARD TO CONTROL HAIR An incredible high hold, water-based pomade that gives ultimate control and superb hold for the most demanding and challen...

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    from $7.00