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About Us

We are Rachael and Judie -  a passionate team that loves everything about the hair, barber and beauty industry and couldn’t be happier to bring Wodonga, Albury and surrounds a locally owned and operated hair and beauty store to bring all the big (and little) brands to you.  
We are huge supporters of the industry and want to support our trade clients by offering fantastic service, at competitive prices with years of hairdressing and business experience to share– it is our mission to lift up our industry and support its growth in every way we can. 
So if you are looking for local support, knowledge, information or fantastic products then please call in and see us, visit us online or on our socials.  

Introducing Rachael!

Rachael is an Award-winning Stylist and Educator. Qualified in Hair, Skin, Nails, Tanning, Makeup, Education, Design, Business management & more. She regularly helps Business owners, Managers and their staff and independent stylists to achieve their goals.
Rachael believes that to reap the rewards of our industry, we should not only run our own race but raise each other up.

“Kindness is the key to prosperity”.

She comes from a big family and has husband Darren and son Henley to support her in all that she loves to do.
Rachael enjoys painting & drawing and when she is not socialising and sipping on pink gin, you will find her passionately raising awareness for her favourite causes – autism, mental health & equality.
Rachael is still on the tools creating the latest inspiration for clients or developing new training classes to inspire.
Rachael created Hair and Beauty Solutions because she has a passion for educating and inspiring others.

Introducing Judie!

Judie is our general all-round Legend with a Bachelor in Business degree and 20+ years of sales experience. Retail products and merchandising is her forte and if you need to know anything about anything…well she is your girl.
“Jude” runs our business, has 1 dog, 3 chickens and is single mother of the year to 4 wonderful kids (including her angel baby, Mali).   Just when you thought she was pretty busy she has currently completing a Digital Marketing diploma and an Apprenticeship in Hairdressing, so she can better connect with her industry. Jude has so much enthusiasm and energy that the rest of us feel like taking a nap.