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Zenmaster ZMRDS6.0 Scissor

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Zenmaster Rose Diamond scissor R/H ZMRDS6.0

Experience the zenith of cutting satisfaction with Zen Master Signature Shears. These shears offer unparalleled cutting power on both sides of the propeller-type blade, combining strength with precision for detailed work. The diamond cut-outs on the blades reduce weight without compromising cutting performance, making this pair perfectly balanced for years of cutting pleasure.

Crafted by seasoned Japanese craftsmen, these shears are the epitome of versatility. Whether you're practicing point cutting, slide cutting, traditional techniques, or embracing modern trends, these shears are your ultimate, multifaceted tool. Made from a super alloy that includes Molybdenum and a blend of Japanese-made strengtheners, these ultra-sharp shears maintain their sharpness year after year.

Designed for high performance, flexibility, and durability, the handles prioritize your comfort and the well-being of your wrist and shoulder. For any artist, these shears are the gift that keeps on giving, highly recommended for your cutting needs.