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Wella Blondor - Multi Blonde 400g

by Wella
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Wella Blondor -Multi Blonde 400g

Wella Professionals Blondor Powder Bleaching Powder - A 400ml Packaging for Women

  •   Product Details:**
  • - Brand: Wella Professionals
  • - Reference: 0000001806
  • - Product Category: Hair Care & Styling, Colorings, Color Removers

**Mixing Recommendation:** For best results, mix this product with Welloxon Perfect (6%, 9%, or 12%) or Color Touch Emulsion (1.9% or 4%) in a non-metal bowl. The recommended mixing ratio is 1:1.5 up to 1:2 (not 1:1). In case of direct scalp contact (full coloring or roots only), use a maximum of 6% activator.

**Application and Development:** Apply the bleaching substance evenly on unwashed hair. The development time varies based on the hair's condition, with hair checks recommended every 5-10 minutes. The maximum total development time should not exceed 50 minutes. For the initial application, start by applying the substance to mid-length and ends, then address the root area as the second step. After treatment, thoroughly rinse out the bleaching mixture with lukewarm water and follow with shampooing. For optimal conditioning and shine, use BLONDOR BLONDE SEAL & CARE. Strictly adhere to the instructions on the package. For the best results, consider exploring other products within the same product line, such as Wella Koleston Perfect and Welloxon.