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Termix Basic Brush 43mm

by Termix
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Termix Plus Brush 43mm

Introducing the Termix Evolution Basic Hair Brush, designed specifically for medium hair, featuring medium-sized bristles tailored to this hair texture.

With a diameter of 43 mm, this brush excels at smoothing and shaping wide hair curls.

The Termix Evolution Basic Hair Brush for Medium Hair is ingeniously engineered, boasting high-performance ionized bristles specifically crafted to cater to hair of medium thickness. This brush is uniquely designed to address dehydration challenges commonly faced by this hair type, blending the tube design and the precise thickness and quantity of ionized nylon fibers. It's available in various diameters to accommodate different hair thickness and volume preferences.

Key Features & Technical Advantages:

1. **Enhanced Drying Efficiency:** Every brush in the Evolution range is equipped with large diamond-shaped vents that increase tube surface area by 10%, resulting in a remarkable 30% reduction in drying time compared to conventional perforated brushes.

2. **High-Temperature Resilience:** The polytetrafluoroethylene coating offers exceptional temperature resistance, capable of withstanding heat up to 300ºC while promoting efficient heat distribution.

3. **Non-Stick Surface:** The brush's tube features a non-stick nature that prevents aerosols and other hair products from adhering, ensuring easy maintenance.

4. **Ergonomic Design:** The handle is ergonomically designed to facilitate prolonged professional use, made from santoprene, a soft and rubbery texture that provides a non-slip grip.

The Termix Evolution Hair Brush series comprises three variants, each tailored for different hair types: thick (Plus brushes), normal (Basic), and thin (Soft). These brushes are crafted with an aluminum body and Teflon-bristle ionization, making them the ultimate tools for achieving flawless hair shaping.