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Termix Plus Brush 32mm

by Termix
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Termix Plus Brush 32mm

The Termix Evolution Plus Hair Brush, tailored for thick hair, presents itself as a meticulously designed tool, striking a harmonious balance between ergonomic excellence and lightweight ease, making it an ideal choice for both hairstylists and professionals.

Distinguished by its ionized fibers, the Evolution Plus hairbrush is equipped with an anti-frizz effect that imparts a lustrous and smoother quality to your hair. These brushes have been thoughtfully engineered with cutting-edge technology that adapts to various hair types, catering to the unique needs of fine, normal, and thick hair alike.

What sets this brush apart is its remarkable ability to significantly reduce blow-dry time by 30% compared to traditional brushes. The innovative fibers exhibit exceptional heat resistance and durability, ensuring that this hairbrush remains a reliable companion throughout your styling journey.