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Salon Perfect Individual Flair Lashes

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Your interesting lash look begins here with Salon Amazing Totally Individual Pizazz Lashes. Assume command and make volume just where you need it.

Our great lashes are exclusively hitched and padded by hand to convey an impeccable normal look. They are lightweight, simple to apply, agreeable and solid, permitting you to wear them over and over. Request the consideration you merit!

Heighten and add profundity to your eyes with Salon Amazing Completely Individual Eyelashes. Apply sparingly all through your regular lashes to top in meager regions or twofold off for a more sensational impact. Use with Salon Wonderful Individual Lash Glue for a turn that will endure upward to about fourteen days.

Salon Wonderful Totally Individual Eyelashes:

Make custom looks
Simple to apply
Endures as long as about fourteen days


Clean your own lashes with cleanser And water or sans oil eye cosmetics remover.
Put a drop of glue on a piece of foil.
Plunge the tied finish of lash in cement, then, at that point, place onto your own lashes, as near the eyelid as could be expected.
Press delicately And hold for a couple of moments.
Rehash the interaction beginning at the external corner of the eye, working your direction towards the inward corner.
Expulsion: Dampen two q-tips with an uncommonly figured out lash remover or child oil.
Place one above lashes And one underneath.
Tenderly back rub the two swabs this way and that until lashes tumble off.
Try not to pull lashes off.
Care And Cleaning: Try not to rub your eyes with a cruel towel.
Permit your lashes to air dry. Try not to utilize oil-based make-up remover.
Simple to apply.
Make custom looks.
Agreeable to wear.
Accessible So, Medium and Long.