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Regal Acetone 5ltr

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Acetone is a widely utilized solvent known for its colorless nature and excellent miscibility with various other liquids. It serves as a highly effective solvent for the removal of oils, greases, resins, waxes, and adhesives.

Common Applications:

1. Removing dipping powder (SNS), nail polish, gel polish (Shellac), nail art, and glue.
2. Versatile solvent for general purposes.
3. Prepping PVC pipes before gluing.
4. Efficient removal of most adhesives, including instant adhesives.
5. Cleaning tools and brushes used in fiberglass resin applications.
6. Effective for cleaning and eliminating certain types of paints and lacquers.

Regal by Anh prides itself in sourcing solvents and removers from the purest salon-grade liquid solutions available in Australia. Our products are crafted to meet the highest professional salon standards, containing absolutely no fillers.