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PowerTools Color Accelerator 118ml

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Powertools Color Accelerator 118ml

TCA, The Color and Lightener Accelerator - The original clear formula with the distinctive gold cap, designed for accelerated processing in just 4-10 minutes! It seamlessly complements permanent color, semi-permanent color, demi-color, bleach, foil, and high-lift applications, reducing processing time by half when incorporated into any manufacturer's color or lightening product.

**Key Advantages**:
- Speedier Processes: Offers the flexibility of use with or without heat, effectively cutting processing time by 50% to 66%. Ideal for time-critical situations or managing multiple clients.
- Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for use with color/bleach from any manufacturer, maintaining consistent measurements.
- Fade Prevention: Preserves color longevity and extends the vibrancy of the shade.
- Deep Conditioning: Enhances hair and scalp health with a profound conditioning treatment, resulting in shiny, beautifully conditioned hair.

To maximize the benefits of TCA, apply color as you typically would. This advanced formula eliminates fade-out, provides enhanced gray coverage for stubborn hair, and leaves hair in exceptional condition. Following the color application with added TCA drops, you have two options:

1. Cover the hair with a plastic cap (without holes) and harness body heat for processing, effectively halving the processing time. This method is heat-free during the cool-down phase.
2. Apply color with added TCA drops, puncture 16 holes in a plastic cap using a tail comb, place the cap, and use a LOW HEAT dryer to expedite processing. This approach ensures processing is completed within 10-15 minutes, without the need for additional heat during the cool-down phase.