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Natural Look Wooden Spatulas (Facial) 10mm--100pk

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Natural Look Wooden Spatulas (Facial) 10mm--100pk

The Natural Look Wooden Spatulas (Facial) 10mm - 100pk offers a versatile and hygienic solution for various skincare and beauty applications. These wooden spatulas are designed with precision to provide convenience and reliability, making them an essential tool for estheticians, beauticians, and skincare enthusiasts.

Key features of the Natural Look Wooden Spatulas (Facial) 10mm - 100pk:

  1. Pack Quantity: This product includes a pack of 100 wooden spatulas, ensuring an ample supply for multiple uses.

  2. Facial-Focused Design: These spatulas are specifically designed for facial treatments, with a slender and precise 10mm width. This design allows for accurate and controlled application of skincare products.

  3. Hygienic Wooden Material: Crafted from high-quality wood, these spatulas are naturally hygienic and disposable, reducing the risk of cross-contamination during facial treatments.

  4. Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of skincare procedures, such as applying creams, masks, peels, and waxes, or for precise product sampling and mixing.

  5. Eco-Friendly: These spatulas are made from sustainable and biodegradable wood, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly beauty practices.

  6. Convenient and Disposable: After use, simply discard the spatula, eliminating the need for cleaning and sterilization.

  7. Professional-Grade: Natural Look is a trusted brand known for delivering high-quality beauty and skincare products, ensuring reliability and performance.

The Natural Look Wooden Spatulas (Facial) 10mm - 100pk provides a hygienic and convenient tool for professionals and skincare enthusiasts alike. With their precise design and eco-friendly materials, these wooden spatulas are a valuable addition to any beauty regimen, ensuring precise and reliable application of facial treatments.