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Matrix Color Sync Sheer Acidic 100gm

by Matrix
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The Color Sync Acidic Toners by Matrix tone blonde and brunette hair while improving the look and feel and making it more glossy.

This palette merely deposits tones, with no base shift and additional conditioning.

Because they smooth the hair cuticle, these toners are mild for sensitive hair.
Lightening and Balayage services account for a significant portion of a salon's revenue. A toner is currently used by one out of every three services. With these acidic toners, you may get excellent blonde and brunette multi-dimensional hues.

Acidic Toners are deposit-only products with no lift. This implies your clients' hair will be less damaged.

These toners can also be utilised as a stand-alone service for more toning, colour renewal, or even a gloss service in between regular colour visits. This equals more money in your salon's pocket.

Sheer Steel, Sheer Ash, Sheer Nude, and Sheer Violet are acidic toners for blonde hair.

Toners for Brunette Hair that are Acidic

On hair levels 5 to 6, use ash for low lights and to neutralise orange brassy tones.
Neutral - Tone Brunette Balayage and enhance neutral tones on hair levels 4 to 6.

Use Mocha for Roots On hair levels, smudging and intensifying deep mocha tones from 4 to 6
Matte is a type of finish that is used to add colour to a surface. Red/orange tones on hair levels 2–4 are refreshed and neutralised.

Acidic Clear is included in the Acidic Sync line and must be used with the Acidic Toners. (The standard (Alkaline) Sync Shade palette comes with its own Clear, which can be blended with the regular (Alkaline) Sync hues.)

How to Make Use of
Color Sync: Color Sync Activator, 1:1 mixing ratio
To dilute other shades in the Color Sync Acidic pallet, use 1 part Clear:1 part Acidic Shade with equal parts Color Sync Activator.
Apply to towel-dried or dry hair and leave on for up to 20 minutes.
In this range, use the Acidic Clear Toner.