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GHD The Blowdryer Sz2 35mm

by GHD
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GHD Ceramic Sz2 35mm

The size 2 brush's medium barrel makes it extremely adaptable, allowing it to create a body-full or smooth blow-dry on short to mid-length hair. The heat from this ceramic-barrelled brush is retained, allowing for a speedier blow-dry. Blast hair with a hair dryer until it's 80 percent dry. Place the brush into the root region and direct the heat from your drier at the barrel, working in small to medium sections. Maintain tension as you brush your hair, transferring heat towards the barrel as you go. Use your brush as a large roller to add body to the crown. After drying your crown section (as described above), wrap the entire section around your brush. 

Then use your cold shot after blasting with hot air. Allow the brush to cool completely before removing it from your hair.

Product Features

  • Hollow, vented ceramic barrel
  • 35mm diameter barrel
  • Soft touch, non slip finish handle
  • Professional design & hand finished