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HBS Eyelash Extension Pillow

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Eyelash Extension Pillow

A memory sleeping pillow has a flannel cover and is built of memory foam for maximum comfort. Skin-friendly, breathable, practical, clean, and healthful materials.
The eyelash extension neck pillow is simple to set up on a beauty parlour bed, and with the multi-purpose shelf, it helps you prevent anything sliding in their direction when applying eyelash extensions.

When applying a client's head weight, a pillow with gently sloping edges will be on one level and help you avoid anything moving in their direction while applying eyelash extensions

Super-supportive pillow was created with the comfort of both you and your clients in mind. The added touch of elegance for your workstation and the customer.

The Sleeping Neck Rest Headrest cervical is ideal for home salon use, making it the ideal present for women. It also helps neck discomfort patients sleep better.