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Cricket CC Balayage Sweep Brush

by Cricket
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CRICKET - Balayage Highlight Sweep Brush - Black. For natural highlights and dimensions, combine firm base bristles with accent sweep bristles. The Balayage Highlight Sweep Brush was created to make free-hand highlight coloring easier.


  • Bristle Perfection at its Finest: The bristles are the most important aspect of fantastic coloring brushes. The twin bristles of our Balayage Highlight Sweep Brush provide dimension while providing a natural, soft finish. Designed to be long-lasting (color after color).
  • Release of Too Much Color:  Is there a lot of color on the brush? To avoid irresponsible coloring, the Over-color Release creates a natural outflow.
  • Section Tail & Intuitive Grip: The touch-points on the brush have been engineered to be comfortable whether you handle it like a pen or a paintbrush. Tail is perfect for hair braiding and sectioning.


  • Creates seamless and blended balayage highlights.
  • Bristle design for precise application.
  • Durable and heat-resistant material.
  • Material: Synthetic Bristles

How To Use:
Use the brush for precise application of balayage highlights and smooth blending transitions.