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LK Lisap Milano Cream Color 100ml Level 11

by Lisap
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LK Lisap Milano Cream Color 100ml Oil Insurance Complex high level definition makes making brilliant shading results straightforward and simple. It is remarkably simple to blend and smooth and simple to apply. LK OPC is progressed to such an extent that each shade covers dark 100 percent so there is no prerequisite to blend in a base shade to cover silver hair. The outcomes is that clients can anticipate that nearby should the shade they see on the diagram as opposed to the compliment appearance that they would expect with different varieties where a base shade is expected to help inclusion. LK OPC has an incredibly low level of smelling salts which makes the interaction a considerably more lovely experience both for clients and their colourists. Another one of a kind LK OPC highlight is the property of phyto-improvement by which in collaboration with Ceramide A2, the equation enters the hair's keratin structure, reestablishing and reproducing the lamellar structure expected to moor the shading particles. The particles can then tie to various places, bringing about a more serious, longer-enduring variety result.

The Argan and Energy blossom oils are Eco-cert ensured regular items. The certificate ensures a 95% least level of normal fixings in LK OPC.

LK OPC tone is the ideal decision for anybody searching for:

  • longer-enduring variety
  • ideal roots to closes variety consistency, for the most valid normal outcome
  • brilliant and luxurious hair after application
  • 100 percent inclusion of white hair without any trade offs
  • a Special scope of variety decisions