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Schwarzkopf Chroma Intense Color Mask 6-12 250ml

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Schwarzkopf Bond Color Mask 6-12 250ml

Introducing the Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks, a groundbreaking innovation as the inaugural semi-permanent, customizable color masks. These masks not only accentuate the vibrancy and quality of your hair but also imbue it with a radiant shine.

One remarkable feature is the sheer versatility these masks offer. You have the freedom to blend various Bonding Color Masks to concoct your own unique shade, allowing for endless possibilities. Moreover, when combined with the Chroma ID Clear Bonding Mask, these masks can yield delicate pastel hues.

The beauty of Bonding Color Masks lies in their low-commitment guarantee. They are ideally suited for at-home applications, providing an easy way to refresh your hair's color. The Chroma ID Granite Bonding Mask, for instance, serves as a color-depositing hair mask that adeptly neutralizes unwanted orange tones in dark brown hair.

What sets the Schwarzkopf Chromatid Bonding Color Mask 250ml apart is its ingenious multifaceted nature, transcending mere cosmetics. It temporarily infuses color pigments into the hair, a transformation that remains vibrant for up to 15 washes. Furthermore, it fortifies the bonds within hair fibers, making way for the creation of new ones.

Key Features:

  • Offers an extensive array of color options without causing harm to hair.
  • Employs innovative technology to ensure intense hydration and comprehensive care.
  • Elevates the overall quality of your hair, whether it's virgin, colored, or pre-lightened.
  • Refreshes and enhances the luster of mid-lengths and ends that have lost their shine.
  • Acts as a remedy to neutralize brassy tones or rectify color discrepancies.
  • Elevates mid-lengths and ends with a creative twist.
  • Preserves optimal hair condition, prolongs the longevity of color, and restores vibrancy.
  • Leverages advanced bonding technology.
  • The effects can last for up to 12 washes.
  • Available in both retail and professional-sized bottles.