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Brasil Cacau - Brasil Cacau Smooth System Eco Kit 300 ml

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Experience the cutting-edge Brazilian Cacau ECOKeratin Treatment, recognized as the most innovative and effective professional smoothing solution worldwide. This exclusive formula seamlessly melds potent natural resources with the latest Brazilian Keratin technology, ensuring unparalleled results. Brasil Cacau fortifies the hair's internal structure, enhances its overall health by smoothening the cuticle, and banishing frizz while also delivering external protection.

Why Choose Brasil Cacau ECOKeratin Treatment?

  • Gentle and free from harsh chemicals
  • Formulated without formaldehyde
  • Instant results - no need to wait for 72 hours
  • You can wash your hair, tie it in a ponytail, use clips and pins immediately after leaving the salon, enjoying straighter, smoother, frizz-free, and incredibly radiant hair.

This groundbreaking and exclusive formulation uniquely combines Sugarcane carbohydrates and Cystine, which synergistically interact with the hair's natural Keratin. This synergy fills, seals, and smoothes the hair's cuticle. Additionally, it incorporates the potent Amazon Acai berry, rich in antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6, with exceptional reconstructive abilities. With Brasil Cacau ECOKeratin Treatment, you'll revel in transformed, stunning hair.