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Berrywell Lash Tint Blue Black 15 ml

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It adds that'something extra' in terms of color depth. In addition to its black color, the hair has a blue sheen.

No. 2 BERRYWELL For some facial types, blue-black is the best option. It goes well with blue-hued eye make-up. Brown and black lashes and brows are highlighted by this color. Natural light shades are colored in a consistent and consistent manner.

The buzzword for BERRYWELL® eyebrow and lash colors is Augenblick, which means a brief blink of the eye. It represents the goal of the coloring process: defined eyes and a memorable appearance.

The brow and lash colors work together to offer the perfect complement to BERRYWELLvibrant ®'s hair colors. Furthermore, lashes and eyebrows can be customized due to the diversity of hues available.