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Barbicide Concentrate 473ml

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Since 1947, Barbicide has held its position as the market leader in disinfection. This EU-approved disinfectant is a powerful and broad-spectrum solution. It effectively combats bacteria and offers fungicidal activity, ensuring safety and hygiene in various professional settings. Barbicide is your ally against a range of harmful microorganisms, including Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and yeasts (fungi). It's an essential tool for disinfecting instruments and tools used by hairdressers, manicurists, nail technicians, pedicurists, and beauticians. You can trust Barbicide for safeguarding non-porous surfaces such as tanning beds, metals, stainless steel, combs, brushes, rollers, and razors. Barbicide's concentrated formula is easy to mix, saving storage space and ensuring you always have a reliable disinfectant on hand. What's more, its anti-rust formula helps protect your valuable scissors and other metal tools. You'll appreciate that Barbicide leaves no unsightly stains. Choose how you use Barbicide – whether in a glass immersion bottle or as a spray, it provides versatile disinfection options. Please note that Barbicide is a registered disinfectant with the Ctgb (Board for the Admission of Crops and Biocides) under number 13644N. This registration is a requirement in the Netherlands, and Barbicide is an approved solution for maintaining hygiene and safety in various professional settings.