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Wella Blondor Plex Multi Blonde 800gr

New bleaching system.
New formula!
Up to 97% less breakage by completing the service with Wellaplex N ° 2
7 levels of lightening: uncompromising damage protection.
Non-volatile powder bleach with anti-yellow molecules to neutralize orange-yellow undertones
Formulation: Plex technology: during bleaching the bonds of some amino acids break causing damage to the hair structure.
Bond Builders, which contain malic acid, help to regenerate the internal bonds of the hair during bleaching.
The Bond Stabilizer stabilizes the bonds and further strengthens the bonds of the hair by balancing the PH.

Use: Mixing with Welloxon 1: 1.5
Use with Wellaplex N ° 2 every 30gr of Blondorplex, 12 gr of Wellaplex nr 2