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Revita Seaweed Gel 200ml

by Revita
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Revita For Styling Seaweed Gel is a unique semi liquid gel that is naturally sourced to give good hold factor for styling, moulding hair and reducing static and improving behaviour on fly-away hair.

Ingredients: Derived from seaweed and plant cellulose. Organic, bio-degradable and combines pure extracts. Not tested on animals.
Instructions: Use Seaweed Stuff as a natural alternative styling product instead of mousse or styling spray, or simply as a gel. Seaweed Gel brushes out and washes out, leaving the hair without unpleasant or chemical residues.
Hair types: All Hair Types
Use with: Mayo products designed to give you that individual look.

  • Ideal for naturally curly hair.
  • Alcochol free.
  • Great for a light, soft hold for curly hair types.
  • Reduces static and controls fly-aways
  • Natural alternative styling product instead of mousse or styling spray
  • Brushes out and washes out