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H.Zone Option Twist Shampoo 200ml

by H.Zone
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H.Zone Option curls up shampoo - wavy hair shampoo with jojoba oil. Oil elixir: curly and wavy hair is hydrated, soft, and shiny. Free of sulfates and parabens. Anti-frizzy system. This H. Zone Shampoo has been specially developed for curly hair. Thanks to the unique oil elixir, curly hair is nourished and hydrated. Let your curly hair shine and shine with this shampoo from H.Zone. A strong anti-frizz formula from H.Zone.

How To Use:
Divide the shampoo over wet hair. Massage gently into the hair and leave the shampoo on for 1 to 5 minutes. Rinse the soap residue well so that no residue remains in the hair. Repeat the application if necessary.