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Robert DeSoto Black Satin ULT 4pk

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DeSoto Black Satin ULT 4pk 

Say goodbye to worries about staining! The Robert de Soto Black Satin Reusable Gloves offer effortless wear and removal, crafted from powder-free natural latex to shield your hands from color stains. These reusable gloves are as comfortable as they are protective, ensuring they won't snag or adhere to hair, and they're resilient against nail punctures. Designed to fit both left and right hands, this set includes four washable gloves, all sized as Medium.

Key Features:

- Size: Medium
- Set of 4 reusable gloves
- Easy to put on and take off
- Provides effective protection against stains
- Made from powder-free latex
- Hair-friendly, won't cling to strands
- Washable for repeated use
- Suitable for both left and right hands
- Resistant to nail punctures
- Features rolled cuffs for added convenience
- Important: Not suitable for individuals with a latex allergy
- Color: Black

Ensure your hands remain clean and stain-free with these reliable, reusable gloves from Robert de Soto.