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Robert DeSoto 10pk Black Satin ULT S

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Introducing the Desoto 10pk Black Satin Ult-S Rubber Gloves – your go-to solution for keeping hands clean and protected from colour stains. These gloves are designed to provide an easy on, easy off experience, ensuring convenience during hair and beauty routines. Crafted from high-quality, powder-free natural latex, these gloves offer exceptional durability and flexibility. They won't pull or stick to the hair, allowing for seamless application and precise handling. The gloves are also resistant to nail punctures, ensuring long-lasting use and reliability.

Choose Satin Ult-S Rubber Gloves

With the Desoto Desoto Black Satin Ult-S Rubber Gloves, you can confidently handle various hair and beauty tasks without worrying about staining your hands. Whether you're applying hair colour, performing chemical treatments, or working with beauty products, these gloves provide a protective barrier while maintaining comfort and control. Choose these reusable gloves for their superior quality and performance. Say goodbye to disposable gloves and opt for the Desoto Desoto Black Satin Ult-S Rubber Gloves, designed for repeated use and built to withstand the demands of professional salons and at-home beauty enthusiasts alike. Keep your hands clean and your beauty routine hassle-free with the Desoto Desoto 10pk Black Satin Ult-S Rubber Gloves – the ideal companion for any hair and beauty task.